5 compelling tips to enhance your IELTS Speaking

5 compelling tips to enhance your IELTS Speaking

  1. Smooth advancement  In Task 1, you are the subject, so visit the examination appropriately, sort out a couple of particular vocabulary about yourself.
  • I am from Gurgaon.
  • I am from the Millennium city of India- Gurgaon, which is also known as the corporate capital of the country as a majority of the global MNCs and progressive business houses have established their corporate offices here.
  1. Task Response – Check the cue card carefully, remember to read it well – misunderstanding this will cost you points.
  2. Troublesome question? – Memorize this: I’m not quite sure if that is what you are thinking about but I think….
  3. Blank mind? – If the expression has just vanished from your brain, just describe it, for instance, examination = the system used to check testing ability… This gives you a chance to speak without major hesitations.
  1. Fast improvement – Learn word combinations, for example: Bear in mind, Take into account etc. You will sound more like a native speaker, additionally diminishing the odds of blunders, and isn’t generally difficult.

P.S. – Be careful – these need to be used in the exact context, so I’d recommend preparing with an instructor.

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