About Elan

To be or not to be! Isn’t it the thought with which the entire world struggles? We chose “To be” and that’s what makes us Elan!
At Elan, we have created a learning space where energy, enthusiasm and style is redefined everyday to deliver a learning environment that guarantees only and only success. We are trainers at heart and we work 24/7 to help our students achieve and accomplish what they’ve set out to accomplish. Our strategy to help you succeed is based on a commonsensical approach i.e. “Learning through reflection on doing”.

If you seek to improve your skills of speaking in English or if you are preparing for higher studies abroad or you are intending to travel abroad and settle, Elan is your first option! Our customized courses are in-sync with the principle of Pedagogy and Andragogy, researched and designed for learners from all backgrounds like working professionals, homemakers, schools and college students alike.

At Elan, you will:

  • Assess yourself
  • Ask as many questions as possible
  • Be the voice of the class
  • Study in small groups
  • Learn while you have fun
  • Generate learning reports

Be the best you can! Come and learn at Elan!


  •  Find an online tutor
  • Get certified
  • Network with fellow learners
  • Participate in motivational seminars
  • Go on Promotional Tours