Better Public Speaking – Communication Skills From

Better Public Speaking – Communication Skills From

English is the only language that truly connects the whole world. So, is fluency in English very important for communication?

In today’s world, one cannot deny the fact that English is an extremely important language. The influence of English language on the planet is so powerful that it is recognized as the most preferential way of communication.

According to a survey, English is most widely used language on the Earth and it is estimated that by 2100, maximum humans on earth will be speaking in English and we will be left with very few indigenous languages. The invasions done by the English speaking people have spread this language around the world.

There are various reasons which have made the English language so popular. To begin with, for centuries, English has been taught in schools from day one. In addition, universities and professional courses have also accepted English as a major way of communication to pursue courses. High level of written and oral English communication skills have become a major skill set to get high profile jobs. Moreover, the Aviation industry has made English their official language while operating an aircraft. Also, 95% of computers understand instructions written in the English language. In business, employees prefer to communicate in English as they have to communicate with people around the world.

Finally,  English is the most widely accepted language on this planet. From education to industries, corporate offices to government offices, use of English has become so popular that now we can say that it’s a world language. So, is fluency in English important? Yes, it is!

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