Why Should I take IELTS ?

Why Should I take IELTS ?

  1. Boost your career

Basis the scores/band you receive in IELTS, you can apply to study at international institutions and universities alike.  The immigration authorities and professional bodies (Multinational companies, Progressive corporate houses etc.) recognize IELTS and help you cross over/emigrate/ reside in their countries for work and business.

  1. Worldwide acclamation

IELTS is the world’s widely accepted and recognized English test for work, study and migration. Once you take or start preparing for IELTS, you join a community of more than 3 million people each year who choose IELTS as their measure of English language skill. Quality, international reputation and human testing parameters make it the most recognized platform across the globe.

  1. Tests ability to reside with Native speakers

Remember, you are taking IELTS to spend a portion of your life either by residing, studying, investing or working with people who are native speakers of the English language. IETLS hones your English speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities as if you were in an everyday situation with English native speakers. The immigration authorities ensure that you are capable enough to talk to your colleagues at work, to your clients in business meetings or even during a trip abroad.

  1. Excellent revelation of your English language levels

Developed by native speakers themselves, the IELTS examiners from British Council and IDP ensure an accurate assessment of your skills and the results accurately reveal your English language level. A majority of professional bodies accept band scores between 6 to 7 and there is no limit score for “fail” and “Pass”. If you score less than 5, we recommend you to repeat the test. Being a consistent testing system, the scoring is strict on parameters that approve your English language abilities. Be sure to score more than 7.5(average) band.

  1. Specified requirement for schools and colleges

All bodies, that accept IELTS, put a bar on the scores that they would accept for permitting applicants. During the application process you should ensure the minimum band required for gaining entry into the institution or country, basis the profile you have. Keep in mind that degree programs and admission officers will factor in other items, such as GPA and recommendations, and you should not expect admission based on your IELTS scores alone. We encourage you to check the programme page or the university page itself for a more detailed explanation of their IELTS scores.

  1. Free to choose between Academic and General test

If you are pursuing to travel abroad for an Undergraduate or a Post-Graduate program, the IELTS Academic is right. For those who want to follow a training course or study without being at the higher education level, the IELTS General is sufficient and is also valid for work, travel or to immigrate to a native English land.

However, if you have not defined how you’re going to use your score yet and you intend on travelling to US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc, you should refer to a consultant or comment below and we shall offer assistance to you to help you decide the correct path.

  1. British or American English? Both!

Majority of students from commonwealth nations are now looking to study or work abroad. If you are misguided into which type of English to use then remember that you must follow just one style. The variation exist in different segments but remember if you have strated your written in British English, then you continue in British only and the same applies for American English. IELTS covers both British English and American English. The test is designed by experts from Native English speaking countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA, who try to build a real approach to each English language variation according to the terms used on advertisements, newspapers, books and companies in their countries.

  1. Available in 140 countries around the world

IELTS test can be taken in 900 different British Council-accredited offices around the world. You can conveniently register online, then the British Council office in your country will process your registration and send it to the nearest testing center. You will have your result within 13 days after completion of the test and it can also be directly sent to an institution or organization under your request.


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